Pieces of art of artists who participated in our outdoor art meetings adorn insides of our restaurant and both parts of
Guesthouse. We possess unique collection of paintings of many popular polish artists. With pride we make these masterpieces
accessible for many exhibitions and vernissages which are organised in Poland. Especially pieces of Henryk Jechimek. For last
five years we have been inviting for outdoor art meetings many different sculptors, and their pieces find their places inside or
outside our restaurant and both parts of Guesthouse.Three years ago with help of Academy of Art in Warsaw we have started
decorating the front elevation of our Guesthouse.

We organise painters, sculptural and photographic outdoor art meetings.

Terms to organise one of them:
- artists are using our accommodation with full board
- artists are obligated to leave few pieces which were made during our outdoor art meeting
- painters outdoor art meeting is finished with a vernissage.